Clothesline Hall Of Shame

REDEEMED!!!!! I tried the Bumkins again but this time with a Thirsties hemp leaks! I still don't like the snaps on it though :(.

Bumkins Stuff-It Diaper

These diapers are diapers that were poor performers (leakers, hard to use snaps, etc.).

Budget Baby Pocket Diaper

Mommy's Touch Easy Clean Pocket Diaper


  1. I have a lot of Bumkins diapers and they always leaked with my son. After I added a bamboo booster they became a great babysitter diaper. (All of ours are aplix). We have quite a few because the local cloth diaper store was basically operated by bumkins.

  2. Thanks for the tip ;). I am thinking of donating the ones I didn't like, because just because I didn't like them doesn't mean someone else will feel the same way.