Nighttime Solutions

Nighttime Solutions for Heavy Wetters:
  1. Thirsties DUO All In One with a Thirsties Hemp Insert  by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  2. Thirsties DUO All In One with a Flip Stay-Dry Insert   by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  3. Flip cover with 2 Flip Stay-Dry Inserts   by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  4. Flip cover with a long Indian prefold that is folded over in front for extra protection   by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  5. Blueberry pocket diaper with the long and small inserts together  by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  6. Baby Land Pocket Diaper stuffed with 2 Thirsties Hemp Inserts by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  7. Econobum Cover with Thirsties Duo Fitted stuffed with 1 Thirsties Hemp Insert by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  8. BumGenius 4.0 with a BumGenius Insert + Thirsties Hemp Insert by -Adventures In Cloth Diapering
  9. Diaper Safari Cover with a Fuzzibunz Insert wrapped in a Diaper Safari Trifold by- Adventures in Cloth Diapering
  10. Homemade Wool Soaker with a Thirsties  Fitted with or without a Thirsties Hemp Insert by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering
Please feel free to use my solutions and to share them ;). Please also share your solutions and I will happily post them along with give you credit.

Note: The ones "by- Adventures In Cloth Diapering" are the ones I have tried with my son. If I have tried the other solutions, I will mark them "tested by Adventures In Cloth Diapering". Also just because I haven't tried them doesn't mean they don't work. They may use products that I don't currently own ;). 

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