Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Talk Covers.....

Here are my favorites (in order) and why:

1. Blueberry coveralls- Double gussets and versatility put this cover in the top position! Also love the higher rise and how they easily fit over fitteds.
2. Diaper Safari- love the versatility! Also love the higher rise on my long and lean little man :-) . They are also cheaper than Flips and work well over fitteds.
3. Flips- love the versatility! The rise is a bit short :(.
4. Best Bottoms - using them with just their inserts is awkward, but I haven't tried other options (YET) but plan to, so they might go up in the list.
5. Econobum- very basic, shorter rise...most likely will be outgrown by my son because of his height and not his weight.

All in all I have no problems with any of my covers, I just wanted to make a list of what features I like better :-) .

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Liners.....Disposable/ Flushable vs. Reusable

     I have tried 6 different brands of liners, 3 disposable/ flushable and 3 reusable. As you are reading this, some of you are thinking these aren't even needed at all. In theory you're right, but for me to even consider cloth diapering at all, these are needed. I will compare the liners I have tried under either disposable or reusable.
 Disposable/ Flushable Liners
      The three brands of disposable liners I have tried are Bumkins liners, Osocozy liners, and Bummis (size large). I tried the Bumkins first because I was a newbie to cloth diapering and these came highly recommended by Amazon users. The main problem I had with these was that they came trifolded in a box. Each time I needed a new one I had to unfold them and refold them in half so that they actually fit the diaper. When I ran out of the Bumkins liners, I decided I would try liners on a roll instead because that seemed easier to use. They are much easier to use! I chose the Osocozy brand because they came highly recommended by Amazon users as well. At the end of that roll I chose to go with another brand to continue my research and experimenting into the world of cloth diaper accessories. I decided to go with Bummis because they were highly rated and another blog recommended them (if I remember correctly). It wasn't until I tried the Bummis that I realized I wasn't truly happy with the quality of the other 2 brands. The first 2 brands stuck to my son's skin more and also had more trouble staying in place (bunched up). Especially the Ocosozy brand seamed to fall a part. For now, I plan to stay with the Bummis brand.
 Reusable Liners
     The three brands of reusable liners I have tried are Bummis fleece liners, Kushies fleece liners, and Kinckernappies fleece liners. I tried the Kushies liners first because they were available through Amazon Prime. I can see why these are poorly rated. First of all, they are cut strangely and are short. I have to use 2 in my son's diaper (on the rare occasion I actually use them). They don't stay in place well at all. If I had to do it all over again I would never have purchased the Kushies liners, but that purchase was before I found a local cloth diaper store ;). The next liners I bought were the Knickernappies. I found them at my local cloth diaper store and bought only 4 at first to try them out (then quickly ordered 10 more ;). These by far are my favorite reusable liners to date. I hope to get more of them soon. What's nice about these liners is that they are a nice length, which means they stay in place. They're also made of a sturdy, but soft material (so nice next to baby's bottom). Having tried 2 fleece liners and the Bummis disposable liners, I decided to try a 3rd reusable liner, made by Bummis. These are my 2nd place reusable liners, because they are shorter than the Knickernappies and the material is more flimsy than the Knickernappies.
    In each of my son's diapers I like to use 1 reusable and 1 disposable liner. The reusable liner helps to protect the diaper from stains so that I can use them possibly for a second child in the future or donate them. The disposable liner make cleaning up poopy messes oh so MUCH easier ;). I'm so thankful for liners!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

   I don't normally write a review as a post, but I am going to this time because I plan on running a giveaway for free Woolzies Dryer Balls in mid-January.
   I received a set of 6 Woolzies Dryer Balls as an offer for bloggers to review this product and then have a giveaway for this product. I was so excited when they came! I have been wanting to try wool dry balls as part of my adventure into cloth diapering.
   I read the instructions on the package and also suggestions for use. My husband was also a willing participant. We (really me ;) tried them out on a variety of laundry loads, not just cloth diapers. I tried them with towels, our clothes, sheets, and of course, cloth diapers. With each load I put all 6 balls in the dryer as instructed.
    My results were mixed. I feel I should tell you that the type of dryer and size of dryer could have an effect on results. So, I'll tell you I live in an apartment with a Kenmore dryer that is stacked on top of my washer. Also, in the past I have noticed that if the washer is running, it affects how quickly my laundry gets dry (don't know why, but it does). So for this testing I decided to test laundry with and without the washer being full.
    I did not notice any change in drying times for any of the laundry BUT I did notice a change in the softness of the laundry (and so did m husband, amazingly ;). We only use softener in our washer for our clothes, towels, and sheets, but don't use anything in the dryer because of the cloth diapers. Our laundry was softer before cloth diapering because we used to put a dryer bar in the dryer. I missed the softness (especially in the towels). I like how the Woolzies Dryer Balls gave us back some softness (and has a bonus of no chemicals, because of my asthma, I have to be careful with perfumes). The cloth diapers were softer (always a good thing ;), the towels and our unmentionables (LOL :) were also noticeably softer.
     So all in all, I would recommend the Woolzies Dryer Balls as an alternative to dryer sheets for softness, especially if you have someone with sensitive skin or sensitive to perfumes/ chemicals.  Each situation/ dryer is different, in someone else's dryer they may help improve drying time, but it mine they did not. Please take the time to like them on Facebook and visit their website, Woolzies. Thanks!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

LOVING Cloth More and More Each Day!

   Throughout the day when I go into my son's room and not instantly be taken back by a pile of stinky diapers, I LOVE cloth more! I think so many people think leaving a pile of diapers in a pail waiting to be washed would smell more. Nope! It doesn't ;). The poop gets flushed down the toilet right after a change so no more smell from it. The urine on the diapers doesn't stink anymore than urine on disposable diapers. The better smelling room isn't what I LOVE the best though!
   The thing I LOVE the best about cloth is going into my son's room in the morning and not having a baby in soaking wet PJs ;). I also love the fact that I am not pulling the sheet off of his crib daily. I think pulling his sheet daily was adding more laundry for me to do than washing cloth diapers a few times a week.
    In addition to the lack of smell and less laundry, I also like how colorful the diapers are. I enjoy seeing all of the different colors and patterns. Most of our stash is a little more practical since I have only been cloth diapering for about 2 months, I focused on getting some basic diapers first (like Econobums, Flips, and pockets). I look forward to adding some fun prints too!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Christmas Fluff Wishlist...

   I FINALLY am getting a decent stash ;), but I have a question to ask....Can you EVER have enough fluff????? I'm thinking 'no' ;).
    So here's my wishlist ;):


  1. Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Snap Cover- Green Giraffe/ Mistletoe...Got a Very Cherry instead
  2. Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Covers
  3. WAHM Diapers (any never have tried any)
  4. Charlie Banana (just like the name, lol)
Inserts/ Prefolds
  1. Best Bottom Overnight Inserts... YEAH I got these :)!
  2. Thirsties Hemp Inserts (I have 2, but want more)... YEAH I got these :)!
  3. Hemp Prefolds 


  1. Wool Dryer Balls... YEAH I got these :)!
  2. Snappi Toddler Sized
  3. Knickernappers Fleece Liners (I have some of these, but want more)... YEAH I got these :)!
  4. Cloth Wipes from Etsy (really cute patterns....I don't have any)...Made my own, not pretty but they work!

I'm sure there are lots of other things I can be adding to my list, but this is it for now ;). What is on your wishlist?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Google+ Cloth Diaper Community

     Google+ has recently started a new section called 'communities'. They have communities for a variety of topics, including cloth diapers :)! My hubby is the one who first told me about it. I am more of a user of Facebook and was unaware of Google+ communities until he mentioned them and sent me a link to the cloth diaper community. I knew I love him for a good reason ;). Nothing like encouraging my obsession!
     I have also started a private (you have to be invited) community for parents of children with developmental delays ages 8 months- 3 years old. Please contact me if you are interested in that community. I ask you all to be respectful of the fact it is STRICTLY for parents of children with developmental delays ages 8 months- 3 years old. Thank you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Call It Hook & Loop, Aplix or Velcro.....No Matter The Name I Still Hate It

     I did a lot of research before switching to and buying cloth diapers. Unfortunately for me my trigger finger for shopping was quicker than my ability to complete ALL of my research. If I had completed my research (which I should have....but in my defense, the internet is a vast place full of A LOT of information on cloth diapers), I would have NEVER ordered diapers with hook & loop, Aplix, Velcro, etc. Other cloth diaper sites uses these interchangeably and so will I.
     Oh how I DISDAIN this as a fastener for cloth diapers, let me count the ways....1. The laundry tabs that don't keep the diaper tabs in their proper place (i.e. fastened). This starts a wonderful, tangled mess of laundry....I'm so glad it's only diapers sticking to each other., 2. The laundry tabs are a bit scratchy and look rather uncomfortable to wear (I am just guessing here...but how would you like half a piece of Velcro rubbing against you all day long., 3. For the long term, I don't think they will hold up. In the month that I have been using them I can see some obvious signs of wear. Thankfully I have so much in my stash now that it should help prevent them from wearing out. Unfortunately, 3 of my beloved Flips had the Aplix as the fastener :(., 4. The tabs have become unfastened underneath my son's pjs at night, at least the prefold did its job and there were no leaks. These are the main problems I have with this fastener, BUT I have only just begun cloth diapering, so I can see more problems in the future....maybe a toddler peeling off his diaper?!?!?

UPDATE: Reason #5: Harder to get the diaper on correctly with a squirming toddler. Snaps are much easier....just snap and go, with hook & loop....adjust and re-adjust hoping to get the right fit so that you have no leaks :-/.