Friday, November 30, 2012

Call It Hook & Loop, Aplix or Velcro.....No Matter The Name I Still Hate It

     I did a lot of research before switching to and buying cloth diapers. Unfortunately for me my trigger finger for shopping was quicker than my ability to complete ALL of my research. If I had completed my research (which I should have....but in my defense, the internet is a vast place full of A LOT of information on cloth diapers), I would have NEVER ordered diapers with hook & loop, Aplix, Velcro, etc. Other cloth diaper sites uses these interchangeably and so will I.
     Oh how I DISDAIN this as a fastener for cloth diapers, let me count the ways....1. The laundry tabs that don't keep the diaper tabs in their proper place (i.e. fastened). This starts a wonderful, tangled mess of laundry....I'm so glad it's only diapers sticking to each other., 2. The laundry tabs are a bit scratchy and look rather uncomfortable to wear (I am just guessing here...but how would you like half a piece of Velcro rubbing against you all day long., 3. For the long term, I don't think they will hold up. In the month that I have been using them I can see some obvious signs of wear. Thankfully I have so much in my stash now that it should help prevent them from wearing out. Unfortunately, 3 of my beloved Flips had the Aplix as the fastener :(., 4. The tabs have become unfastened underneath my son's pjs at night, at least the prefold did its job and there were no leaks. These are the main problems I have with this fastener, BUT I have only just begun cloth diapering, so I can see more problems in the future....maybe a toddler peeling off his diaper?!?!?

UPDATE: Reason #5: Harder to get the diaper on correctly with a squirming toddler. Snaps are much easier....just snap and go, with hook & loop....adjust and re-adjust hoping to get the right fit so that you have no leaks :-/.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

FuzziBunz Elite....Oh how I love you!

     We are still new to cloth diapering and trying to find out what works for us. So far I can tell you A LOT of what DOESN'T work for us.
     For example, Mommy's Touch pocket diaper DOESN'T work for us. I really tried to love this diaper or at least like it, but I don't. I tried it with it's insert. The insert was totally worthless. It bunched up and of course the diaper leaked. I tried it with another brand didn't bunch up but it did leak. Then I tried it stuffed with a prefold, that was too bulky and slid off of Mason. Then I tried it with a Flip insert. That didn't work either. The diaper will be donated in the hopes someone else can make use if it (I figure it's barely used and someone might like it/ need it). Thankfully I am only buying one of each brand/ type of diaper at a time. I am slowly building my stash (after all I want to save money and not waste it ;).
      The next 2 diapers I tried were Bumkins pocket diapers (I liked the prints and Mason already has a matching bib) and a generic cheapy from Amazon. These diapers both performed ok, only a few leaks. Their performance was improved by using a Flip insert instead of the inserts they came with. I may give these away though. The bumkins has a lot of snaps and the generic one seems like the snaps may pop off/ rip the fabric. Plus they use up my valuable stay-dry Flip inserts that I had rather be using with my Flip covers.
      The next kind we tried was the BumGenius 4.0 (which came highly recommended). The first time we tried it we had a leak :(. I didn't give up though! I tried it again....another leak. I give every diaper several chances, so once again I turned to my Flip insert. BINGO! No leaks ;).....but again it uses one of my valuable Flip inserts. I just don't understand how the same company can make garbage like the BumGenuis insert and then absolutely wonderful product like the Flip insert??? Weird!
     Ok, so I have tried 4 pockets diapers. Things aren't looking good....0 and 4. I'm striking out :(. Then I decided to try 1 more pocket diaper (it too came highly recommended)....the Fuzzibunz Elite Pocket Diaper.  SUCCESS!!!! YEAH! No leaks to date. We have tried using it with just the larger insert for day protection and the newborn insert w/ the larger insert for nighttime protection.
      I was beginning to think that I would hate all pocket diapers, but nope! Thank you Fuzzibunz for giving another option that's easy to use for my husband and the grandmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Chose To Cloth DIaper

     Even when I was pregnant I wanted to cloth diaper....but I was talked out of it. Why I allowed people to do so is beyond me, but I did. Fast forward about 10 months. When Mason was about 10 months old, I started thinking of cloth diapering him again. I wanted to for several reasons. I wish I could say  that one of them was an altruistic reason like helping the environment, but no.
     One, it's cheaper (after all who doesn't like to save money?). Two, his bedroom would smell better with the waste removed immediately. Three, fewer trips to the dumpster. Living in a third floor apartment sometimes stinks.....having to drag trash down the stairs and to the dumpster is one of these times. This is usually Doug's responsibility, BUT Mason and me are the ones that have to tolerate the smell until he decides to.

Flip first & preferred system

   When I first decided to try cloth diapers I did A LOT of research (just ask Doug....he says I'm obsessed  What can I say? I AM :). After all of my research I decided to go with the Flip system. It got good reviews and it seemed pretty inexpensive to me. I also liked that it could be used with a Flip insert, prefold or a disposable insert (I don't plan on buying these though.... regular generic disposables are cheaper).
    I started off with buying 1 Flip cover and 1 insert combo pack from Amazon. I also bought some Bumkins liners to go in them. I started out trying it on him when I knew I would most likely get just a wet diaper. Easy no problem! Then one day I decided I needed to get brave and try it when I knew that he would most likely give me a poopy diaper. So I tried it and he gave me a poopy diaper. It was so easy to clean up with the liner! A convert is born! Now to get Doug on board!

The Adventure Begins!

     I have recently started cloth diapering Mason full-time. So far we have been very successful with the exception of a few pocket diapers. Even with that, I have really enjoyed it so far. It's become my new obsession, lol (just ask poor Doug :)! I have been enjoying trying out the new diapers and trying new combinations to try to get the pocket diapers to work better. I will try to keep this blog up with personal updates, new tips/ tricks I find that work, and other useful info.