My Stash :)

     I am still new to cloth I don't have the kind of stash others have, with that said, I do have a BIG stash considering how long I have been cloth diapering.
     Here's a video of my stash ;):

     Here's the current run down (UPDATED since the video 2/11/13)...New Update 4/15/13 :

Pocket Diapers:
2 Blueberry pocket diaper with monkeys/ giraffes (snaps)
7 FuzziBunz Elite Snaps (Grape, Light It Up Blue, 2 Mac N Cheese, Kumquat, Watermelon, Tootie Fruitie)
2 BumGenius 4.0 in Dazzle & Sassy (aplix)
3 Baby City/ Baby Land (snaps- 1 Orange, 1 Lt Blue, 1 Apple Green)
1 Bumkins Stuff-It diaper, Green Eggs (destashing)
1 Rumparooz Sunshine w/ snaps

All In Ones:
2 Swadlebees AIO with owls, snaps (just got the Elephant prints :)
4 Thirsties Duos AIO (1 Ocean Blue aplix, 3 Storm Cloud, Meadow and Mango snaps)
2 BumGenius Elementals  (Moonbeam & Butternut snaps, gently used)

Covers/ Hybrids
3 Flip Covers (1 Ribbit- snaps, 1- Grasshopper- aplix, 1- Moonbeam- aplix, 1- Butternut- aplix....destashed and DONATED)
1 Econobum w/ Moonbeam lining
2 Best Bottom Snaps Covers (Cookie Monster, Very Cherry)
2 Blueberry Snap coveralls (Dinos, Handprints)
2 Diaper Safari Covers (Green Pea and Concord)

2 Thirsties Duo Snaps (Ocean Blue, Mango)
1 Mother-ease Snaps

Prefolds/ Inserts
3 Cotton Babies Indian Prefolds- Premium (destashed and DONATED)
3 Cotton Babies Chinese Prefolds- Premium
6 Econobum Prefolds
7 Flip Stay Dry Inserts
4 Thirsties Hemp Inserts
3 Best Bottom Microfiber Inserts
2 Best Bottom Overnight Insert
1 Best Bottoms Hemp Insert
1 Blueberry Hemp Combo Insert
1 Rumparooz Hemp Insert
3 Diaper Safari Trifolds

Liners/ Diaper Rash
14 Knickernappies Fleece Liners
5 Bummis Fleece Liners
15 Homemade Fleece Liners
1 Roll of Bummis Flushable Liners
1 Grovia Magic Stick (must be cloth diaper friendly ;)
1 CJ's Butter Lavender

5 Flour Sack Towels....just washed them, can't wait to try them

2 Homemade Soakers
1 Homemade Wrap

Wet Bags
1 Medium Blueberry/ Swaddlebees Monkey
1 Medium Wet/ Dry Planet Wise Monkey Fun
1 Large Wet/ Dry Planet Wise Monkey Fun

1 Infant Snappi (need to get a toddler one :( )
4 Cloth Wipes (not sure the brands)
15-20 Homemade Cloth Wipes
1 Bottle California Baby Diaper Area Wash
2 Bambino Mio Laundry Bags (I don't use them, they don't fit the new hamper....they fit the old trash can)
1 Clothes hamper (Diaper Pail)

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