Thursday, December 20, 2012

LOVING Cloth More and More Each Day!

   Throughout the day when I go into my son's room and not instantly be taken back by a pile of stinky diapers, I LOVE cloth more! I think so many people think leaving a pile of diapers in a pail waiting to be washed would smell more. Nope! It doesn't ;). The poop gets flushed down the toilet right after a change so no more smell from it. The urine on the diapers doesn't stink anymore than urine on disposable diapers. The better smelling room isn't what I LOVE the best though!
   The thing I LOVE the best about cloth is going into my son's room in the morning and not having a baby in soaking wet PJs ;). I also love the fact that I am not pulling the sheet off of his crib daily. I think pulling his sheet daily was adding more laundry for me to do than washing cloth diapers a few times a week.
    In addition to the lack of smell and less laundry, I also like how colorful the diapers are. I enjoy seeing all of the different colors and patterns. Most of our stash is a little more practical since I have only been cloth diapering for about 2 months, I focused on getting some basic diapers first (like Econobums, Flips, and pockets). I look forward to adding some fun prints too!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Christmas Fluff Wishlist...

   I FINALLY am getting a decent stash ;), but I have a question to ask....Can you EVER have enough fluff????? I'm thinking 'no' ;).
    So here's my wishlist ;):


  1. Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Snap Cover- Green Giraffe/ Mistletoe...Got a Very Cherry instead
  2. Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Covers
  3. WAHM Diapers (any never have tried any)
  4. Charlie Banana (just like the name, lol)
Inserts/ Prefolds
  1. Best Bottom Overnight Inserts... YEAH I got these :)!
  2. Thirsties Hemp Inserts (I have 2, but want more)... YEAH I got these :)!
  3. Hemp Prefolds 


  1. Wool Dryer Balls... YEAH I got these :)!
  2. Snappi Toddler Sized
  3. Knickernappers Fleece Liners (I have some of these, but want more)... YEAH I got these :)!
  4. Cloth Wipes from Etsy (really cute patterns....I don't have any)...Made my own, not pretty but they work!

I'm sure there are lots of other things I can be adding to my list, but this is it for now ;). What is on your wishlist?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Google+ Cloth Diaper Community

     Google+ has recently started a new section called 'communities'. They have communities for a variety of topics, including cloth diapers :)! My hubby is the one who first told me about it. I am more of a user of Facebook and was unaware of Google+ communities until he mentioned them and sent me a link to the cloth diaper community. I knew I love him for a good reason ;). Nothing like encouraging my obsession!
     I have also started a private (you have to be invited) community for parents of children with developmental delays ages 8 months- 3 years old. Please contact me if you are interested in that community. I ask you all to be respectful of the fact it is STRICTLY for parents of children with developmental delays ages 8 months- 3 years old. Thank you!