Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flip first & preferred system

   When I first decided to try cloth diapers I did A LOT of research (just ask Doug....he says I'm obsessed  What can I say? I AM :). After all of my research I decided to go with the Flip system. It got good reviews and it seemed pretty inexpensive to me. I also liked that it could be used with a Flip insert, prefold or a disposable insert (I don't plan on buying these though.... regular generic disposables are cheaper).
    I started off with buying 1 Flip cover and 1 insert combo pack from Amazon. I also bought some Bumkins liners to go in them. I started out trying it on him when I knew I would most likely get just a wet diaper. Easy no problem! Then one day I decided I needed to get brave and try it when I knew that he would most likely give me a poopy diaper. So I tried it and he gave me a poopy diaper. It was so easy to clean up with the liner! A convert is born! Now to get Doug on board!

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