Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Chose To Cloth DIaper

     Even when I was pregnant I wanted to cloth diaper....but I was talked out of it. Why I allowed people to do so is beyond me, but I did. Fast forward about 10 months. When Mason was about 10 months old, I started thinking of cloth diapering him again. I wanted to for several reasons. I wish I could say  that one of them was an altruistic reason like helping the environment, but no.
     One, it's cheaper (after all who doesn't like to save money?). Two, his bedroom would smell better with the waste removed immediately. Three, fewer trips to the dumpster. Living in a third floor apartment sometimes stinks.....having to drag trash down the stairs and to the dumpster is one of these times. This is usually Doug's responsibility, BUT Mason and me are the ones that have to tolerate the smell until he decides to.

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