Friday, November 30, 2012

Call It Hook & Loop, Aplix or Velcro.....No Matter The Name I Still Hate It

     I did a lot of research before switching to and buying cloth diapers. Unfortunately for me my trigger finger for shopping was quicker than my ability to complete ALL of my research. If I had completed my research (which I should have....but in my defense, the internet is a vast place full of A LOT of information on cloth diapers), I would have NEVER ordered diapers with hook & loop, Aplix, Velcro, etc. Other cloth diaper sites uses these interchangeably and so will I.
     Oh how I DISDAIN this as a fastener for cloth diapers, let me count the ways....1. The laundry tabs that don't keep the diaper tabs in their proper place (i.e. fastened). This starts a wonderful, tangled mess of laundry....I'm so glad it's only diapers sticking to each other., 2. The laundry tabs are a bit scratchy and look rather uncomfortable to wear (I am just guessing here...but how would you like half a piece of Velcro rubbing against you all day long., 3. For the long term, I don't think they will hold up. In the month that I have been using them I can see some obvious signs of wear. Thankfully I have so much in my stash now that it should help prevent them from wearing out. Unfortunately, 3 of my beloved Flips had the Aplix as the fastener :(., 4. The tabs have become unfastened underneath my son's pjs at night, at least the prefold did its job and there were no leaks. These are the main problems I have with this fastener, BUT I have only just begun cloth diapering, so I can see more problems in the future....maybe a toddler peeling off his diaper?!?!?

UPDATE: Reason #5: Harder to get the diaper on correctly with a squirming toddler. Snaps are much easier....just snap and go, with hook & loop....adjust and re-adjust hoping to get the right fit so that you have no leaks :-/.

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